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You are responsible only for your acts if there is no choice

Question: My brother listens to songs most of the time in the home. As we live in one house I hear it so what do I do? I want to

My children misbehave while I’m praying

Question: Sometimes when I’m praying, my children misbehave and do things they shouldn’t do. Is it allowed for me to snap my fingers or clap to get their attention, or

A wife needs the permission of her husband to make voluntary fasts

Question: Is it better for a woman to keep nafl fasts in Shaban, or be available to her husband? HayakumAllah Zaynab El-Kateb: She has to take the permission of her

Trying hard to stop shouting at my son

Question: How can I have sweet words and a good behavior while I’m trying to raise my son? He sometimes doesn’t listen to me until I become very nervous and

Leaving her children to another person to give dawah

Question: Is it permissible for women who are fit to give dawah or who are working in an environment according to shariah with permission from their husbands to find a

Teaching children Quran through actions

Question: I would like to know if teaching kids small chapters with actions permissible in Islam. Goal is to make the kids have a visual memory and understand the meaning

The Sunnah for the bride in her wedding

Question: Is it Sunnah if the bride beautifies herself on her wedding in front of the people? Also is it a must that we buy dress for marriage even though

Ruling on being present where there is haraam

Question: I live in a foreign country so my family is apart, we’re all residing in different countries so to be connected I formed a family group on whatsapp, my

Reading Al-Fatihah when one gets engaged

Question: Is it allowed to read suratul-Fatihah when one gets engaged? Zaynab El-Kateb: Sheikh Ibn Uthaymeen replied to a similar question saying that t is an innovation. ri1000

Naming someone “Malika” or “Malak”

Question: Am I allowed to name my daughter Malika? Zaynab El-Kateb: There was a Companion called Malika Al-Ansariyah, therefore, it is allowed to name your daughter “Malika” which is derived