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Forcing a woman to marry a person of innovation

Question: May Allah bless you and reward you for your efforts. I know a sister whose mother is forcing her to marry a brother she is not pleased with. She

Permissibility of getting married to your own descent

Question: Is having a preference for a husband (when seeking one) of your own descent ruled as discrimination? Zaynab El-Kateb: No, this is not ruled as discrimination because a woman

A Muslim not speaking to another Muslim beyond three days

Question: My father was humiliated by my mother’s brother so he’s no longer talking to him. My uncle has asked for forgiveness many times and keeps asking for forgiveness but

Breaking a condition of the marriage contract – polygamy

Question: Before I married my husband, I asked about his plans to marry after me, and he said he only wanted one wife because his intentions were to become a

Bride’s family insist on taking pictures

Question: My son is proposed to a girl. The girl and her family are religious, but they insist on taking photographs and videos for wedding in spite of our advice.

Complaining about someone for a purpose is not backbiting

Question: I live with my husband’s family who are neither upon the correct manhaj, neither do they have good manners. They spend their free time in gheebah and the like

What is the age to separate children

Question: I would like to know the recommended age in which you should separate boys and girls so they don’t play together. I heard that the earliest you separate them

The best names

Question: I need to know which names are better. Is there a ruling regarding naming children after Angels? May Allah reward you with goodness. Zaynab El-Kateb: The Prophet, peace be

Boycotting a Drinking And Smoking Muslim Mother

Question: My mother has converted to Islam since one year now Alhamdu lillah. She still smokes and drinks alcohol sometimes. She tried to fast during Ramadan but she gave up

Non Muslim Mother Wants To Celebrate Muslim Grandchild’s Birthday

Question: My non Muslim mother wants to invite our non Muslim family members to our home for the birthday of my daughter. Everyone in my family knows I do not