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Obeying our parents if this implies haram

Question: May Allah reward you. Ameen. I am struggling  more and more with my parents lately as they are against full covering (jilbab).I cannot wear it in front of them

The ruling on hitting children for not praying

Question: It was new knowledge to me that even at ten years of age,we should beat kids only with siwak. May you please clarify the ruling on this? May Allah

Giving zakah to my drunk father.

Question: My father is borrowing money for installment which includes some amount of interest which will be taken by them before lending the money. After that my father used to

Relationship With Disbelieving Relatives

Question: Following on from the class about the name of Allah الهادي (Al-Hadi), I have an uncle that no one in the family likes or keeps in touch with, is

Do zina children relate to the father?

Question: A sister became pregnant from zina, and she got married to the father when she was in her third month of pregnancy. Does the child link to the father

Hiding the salafi manhaj of the potential husband

Question: My father is not salafi and he presents non-salafi brothers to me for marriage. In addition, my father said that he will never marry me to a salafi. My

Dealings of a divorced father with his child

Question: I am a divorcee living in a non Muslim land, and I have a three year old child from that marriage. Due to various reasons, his father is not

Is my step brother a mahram?

Question: I read that my “step father” would still be a mahram to me after he and my mother divorced. But I also have a step brother which I did

Shall I spend same amount of money in all my children?

Question: In shaa Allaah you and your loved ones are in a good state of health and imaan. My question concerns the equal treatment of children with regard to material

Giving to a child whatever he demands

Question: I have two kids, one is stubborn and demand more. He often demand costly toys and most of the time we fulfill his demand. The other one demands less