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Selling something For more Than The Original Price

Question: I have a mobile which my father had bought in Rs.10,000 ($95.49). Now I want to sale that mobile. We went for its market price and the shopkeeper rated

The ruling on cooperative and medical insurances

Question: My health insurance is the cheapest government insurance that is offered to low income families. It is based off of my mother’s income. Without it, paying for my medication

Different types of insurance and their ruling

Question: Can we Muslims apply for insurances, the different kinds, are they permissible? Zaynab El-Kateb: All types of commercial Insurance are haram ie. not allowed. It is prohibited to pay

Buying a car on installments

Question: We have the option of buying a car on installments in which the sellers say there is a service charge, something extra we must pay every month. Is this

Filing for bankruptcy to cancel debt

Question: May I apply for bankruptcy since I can’t pay off my student loan by myself, neither in small nor large amounts? The application would allow the government to cancel

Withholding the money of a student if she agreed to this by a contract

Question: Is it allowed for an organisation to mention in their terms and conditions that “students are not entitled to any refund when they decide to stop the classes before

Are charges for delayed payment considered riba?

Question: Over here (India) phone companies have introduced a package called S.O.S; whenever your phone balance is less than 5 rupees, we can send a msg and we get 10

Investing government help I receive for my children in other needs

Question: Are the child benefits that I receive from the government property of my children or can I just give them what they need and use the rest for my

Someone asked a loan for me before I joined Islam

Question: Before I became Muslim I asked a loan for another person. The debt has not been cleared yet. What is my position with regards to this debt? Shall I

Paying a fine due to delaying in returning something

Question: Is borrowing books from the public library mimicking interest (riba) or is actually interest because one borrows the book for free until a certain time frame but if one