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Investing government help I receive for my children in other needs

Question: Are the child benefits that I receive from the government property of my children or can I just give them what they need and use the rest for my

I Asked For a Loan In Someone Else’s Name Before I Joined Islam

Question: Before I became Muslim I asked a loan for another person. The debt has not been cleared yet. What is my position with regards to this debt? Shall I

Paying a fine due to delaying in returning something

Question: Is borrowing books from the public library mimicking interest (riba) or is actually interest because one borrows the book for free until a certain time frame but if one

Working multi level marketing techniques

Question: I want to work with a biological products company, but in the first month I have to invest 600 euros, and after I have to invest 140 euros per

Printing & selling books of salafi Scholars

Question: Is it allowed for an individual to start as a business a printing company where the books of the salafi Scholar, past and present, are translated into European languages

Collaborating with riba banks

Question: If a brother is in some company which is looking after its client (banking) and do risk analysis of their investments in commodities, is it permissible for him? Zaynab

A woman being forced to work in bilaad al-kuffaar

Question: I’m a 21 years old sister living in a kaffir country, my mother forced me to get a job, otherwise she will take me out of home. I would

The ruling on working with haraam

Question: I’ve been offered to work in a place selling alcohol. I need to work but I do not want to do something wrong. What shall I do? Zaynab El-Kateb:

Buying products which a part of their price is destined to charity

Question: In supermarkets you find products that say, “know that when you purchase this product a percentage of the profits is sent to such and such charity.” May I buy

Missing friday prayers due to being at work

Question: What is the ruling of the job where someone works as a truck driver and he always misses Jumuah prayers during his transportation of goods? Please guide us to