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The ruling on working with haraam

Question: I’ve been offered to work in a place selling alcohol. I need to work but I do not want to do something wrong. What shall I do? Zaynab El-Kateb:

Buying products which a part of their price is destined to charity

Question: In supermarkets you find products that say, “know that when you purchase this product a percentage of the profits is sent to such and such charity.” May I buy

Missing friday prayers due to being at work

Question: What is the ruling of the job where someone works as a truck driver and he always misses Jumuah prayers during his transportation of goods? Please guide us to

Going to a salon that sells fake hair but is owned by a Muslim

Question: Is it prohibited for a sister to go to a salon that is owned by a Muslim woman who sells fake hair and those who work in the salon

Paying a surgery with a bank loan

Question: I need an urgent surgery on my spinal cord. And there is no way to pay for it except through a bank loan. Is this allowed? Zaynab El-Kateb: Shaikh

Questions regarding zakat

Questions: 1. Do we pay zakat for money (loan) borrowed for investment purpose? We are repaying in irregular instalments as per capability. 2. Do we pay zakat for money lent

Taking financial governmental help

Question: In many non-Muslim countries the government provides citizens on low income or no income with financial assistance: Help with the housing cost, food, bills, etc. Is it permissible to

Ruling on taking money of insurance after car injury

Question: My question is about accident money which person gets from insurance company for getting injured badly (neck, back). The pain is bad and she is not able to do

​Fundraising without providing a service

Question: I pray you are well by Allah’s permission, amin. There is a salafee mosque in the uk who is holding an event to fundraise to decrease their debts. They

​Prohibition to sell inside the masjid

Question: I sell something to a sister and we agreed on the price and everything concerning it. She wants me to meet in the masjid so she can get the