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Requesting to supplicate for Muslims and pass it on

Question: Is the supplication (duaa) of Yunus, peace be upon him, called “Ayat al karima”? We are getting requests of reciting it for Palestinians and passing it on. Is that

Giving sadaqah and asking for dua

Question: Is it allowed to feed the orphans and ask them to make a certain supplication for us? An example of this would be taking iftar to them and asking

Advising Parents Making Bad Dua To Their Children

Question: What is the best way for a daughter to advise her parents who curse their children whenever they do something wrong, or do not agree with them on important

Raising the hands in dua al-qunut and khutbah al-jumuah

Question: What should we say when the imaam recites qunoot in witr prayer? Also, after the khutubah which is given before the jumuah prayer, when the imaam makes dua, shall

Saying amin loudly in dua al qunut

Question: Should the men say Aameen loudly (or without making sound) with each Dua along with the imam, in the Dua of qunoot in the last rakaah of witr? May

Do sins prevent us from waking up for Fajr?

Question: I am the one who takes the responsibility to wake up for fajr on time everyday. I also wake my husband up for fajr because he has very profound

Dua After Having A Gathering

Question: May Allah reward you with goodness. I have a doubt which is recurring in my heart If two friends meet and part after a few hours of gathering in

Saying “in shaa Allah” instead of “ameen” in dua

Question: I would like to know the details of why we must end a dua by saying “Ameen” and why we must not end it with “insha’Allah” so that way

Giving back the salam in chats

Question: May I ask what is the etiquette regarding replying back to salams by chat? May Allah reward you with goodness. Zaynab El-Kateb: Answering back As-Salam (salamu alaykum) is fardh

Should We Ask Allah a Lot For the Akhira and Only Little for The Dunya?

Question: Ustadah I had a doubt concerning the recording number 4 of tafseer surah Al-Imraan. As you said, from Tawheed is to put our trust in Allah and ask Allah