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Supplicating at the time of breaking the fast

Question: What about the claim of supplicating (making duaa) at the time of breaking the fast (iftar)? Is it correct? Zaynab El-Kateb: Shaikh Ibn Al-Uthaymin said that for the fasting

Hanging supplications on the wall

Question: Is it permissible to hang supplications on the wall for the purpose of learning them because you don’t know them from memory? Can you also hang them on the

​Timing of the morning and evening remembrances of Allah

Question: What is the time limit during which we can say the morning and the evening remembrances of Allah? Zaynab El-Kateb: Shaikh ibn Baaz said that the best time for

Saying in shaa Allah after making dua

Question: I would like to know the details of why we must end a dua by saying “Ameen” and why we must not end it with “in shaa Allah” so

​Supplicating for disbelievers

Question: Is it possible to supplicate or to ask Allah for non Muslim people like for example our family members? Could you bring a daleel for it? May Allah reward

​Supplicating for a disbeliever

Question: Is it allowed to ask to other sisters to make dua for a Kaffir boy (14 years old) who has cancer? May Allah bless you. Zaynab El-Kateb: The Scholars

​Effect of supplication on Destiny

Question: What is the effect of du’a upon the destiny? Zaynab El-Kateb: Dua can change the destiny.  Still, this change is written in the Preserved Tablet (اللوح المحفوظ Al-Lauhul-Mahfud). There

Making dua in sujud

Question: Is there any difference in opinion regarding the permissibility of making dua in Sujud. If so, then is it enough to say subhana rabbiyal a’ala one time or should