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Praying and breaking fast in an airplane

Question: I have to travel maybe during the last day of Ramadan and Allah knows best. If my plane leaves at 4:00 pm (while I’m fasting) and I am sitting

Fasting on the day of travel

ŁŽQuestion: I hope this question finds you well and in high iman. My question is, if I plan to travel overseas in Ramadan and the flight is scheduled to leave

Traveling to a land where iftar is earlier than in the land we travel from

Question: When I eat last meal before fajr prayer and fly East, my fast is shorter. The sun sets earlier. Is my fast valid? May Allah reward you with good.

Fasting extra hours due to a travel

Question: I finished my 12th day of Ramadan then I travelled to India. When I reached India, it was again the 12th day of Ramadan. I therefore repeated the fast

Travelling without mahram to husband

Question: My husband allows me to travel to him without mahram because we don’t live together yet. It’s almost 2 hours where he lives. Is it permissible to obey him

Shortening and combining prayers before to start a travel

Question: Can a person, who intends to travel, shorten and combine dhuhr and asr prayer before they set off on the journey, whilst still being at home? At what point

Definition of a traveller

Question: Which is the correct definition of a traveler, the one which says travelling is unlimited in its number of days and depends on the intention of the person or

What is considered as a travel?

Question: I have some questions regarding travelling, may Allah reward you with goodness: Can any place outside of your town be considered travelling? Is it more than one night’s distance

Can a widow travel with her non-Muslim father-in-law?

Question: Can a widow travel with her non-Muslim father-in-law? Zaynab El-Kateb: Yes. If he is trusted, meaning he knows that he cannot think of a relationship with her and treats

Women Traveling To Seek Knowledge Without Mahram

Question: What is your advice for sisters under 23-25 who are attached to learning Arabic at umm al qura university. Their attachments are strong and this is what they waste