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Women visiting graves

Question: My friend’s grandfather has passed away and she wants to know if can she visit his grave, not frequently but just once? What is the predominant ruling of the

Removing the hair between the eyebrows

Question: I read a fatwa of the Permanent Committee of Scholarly Research (Lajnah Daimah) that removing hair between the eyebrows is allowed (not the eyebrows itself but the hair that

I wear niqab and my parents force me to go to school

Question: I canceled my school this year, out of fearing a fitna, and I am a young girl who started to practice my deen for not a long time ago,

Women covering their feet

Question: Is it allowed for women to go out without socks when they are wearing shoes that show the top of their feet and their skirt or garment doesn’t cover

Removing hijab outdoors out of fear

Question: Is a sister allowed to remove her head-covering temporarily when outdoors if she feels she is in danger of physical harm? May Allah reward you with goodness. Umm Abdel-Malik:

My husband wants me to remove my niqab

Question: A sister has been wearing niqab for over 10 years and holds it to be obligatory. Her husband is not of that opinion and now wishes her to remove

Making Dolls And Animals Without Features

Question: I knit dolls for children out of wool (yarn) which consists of no facial features. I am often asked if this is allowed or not as the doll still

Children playing with dice

Question: Can the small kids play games with dice, or it’s haram for them too? May Allah reward you with goodness. Zaynab El-Kateb: It’s prohibited even for children according to

Swearing by the Mushaf or by an Ayah

Question: Can we swear by Quran or by such and such ayah? Zaynab El-Kateb: The Quran is the words of Allah, so you can swear by the Quran as we

Changing my clothes in front of my child

Question: May Allah reward you abundantly for your efforts! Ameen. I’d like to ask that can I change my clothes in front of my baby or can I take my