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Changing my clothes in front of my child

Question: May Allah reward you abundantly for your efforts! Ameen. I’d like to ask that can I change my clothes in front of my baby or can I take my

Is there a Sunnah after constructing a new home?

Question: What are the Sunnah ways to thank Allah after constructing a home and before beginning to live in it? If I don’t do a house warming function, fearing the

Using Makeup On Eyebrows

Question: Some sisters don’t remove the hair from their eyebrows but they will use makeup to make them look “perfect”, meaning they will use makeup to make them look fuller

Laser treatment to remove facial hair

Question: Is removal of facial hair allowed except eyebrows through laser treatment, as it costs more even if a person can afford to go for the treatment does it come

Drawing some body parts for educational purposes

Question: I want to teach my child the five senses and the respective sensory organs as well as their parts and functions. In order to carry on this task, I

Burial Of Disbelieving Parents

Question: If one of our unbeliever parents die, what should we do regarding their burial and all of that? Zaynab El-Kateb: Just bury him or her. This is what the

Praying In A Room With A Toilet

Question: Is it allowed to pray in a big room where there is a toilet? Zaynab El-Kateb: It is prohibited to pray in a room containing a toilet except if

Selling something For more Than The Original Price

Question: I have a mobile which my father had bought in Rs.10,000 ($95.49). Now I want to sale that mobile. We went for its market price and the shopkeeper rated

Dua After Having A Gathering

Question: May Allah reward you with goodness. I have a doubt which is recurring in my heart If two friends meet and part after a few hours of gathering in

How can we recognize the salafi Scholars?

Question: How do we know that the true Scholars are the salafee Scholars and no others? Zaynab El-Kateb: A true Salafi Scholar abides by Quran and Sunnah and his explanations