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The ruling on yoga and spiritual therapies

Question: I have lot of pain in my neck and back so I have been doing physiotherapy and the therapist advised me to do yoga. I know yoga is haram

Putting marks or writing in Quran

Question: My Quran teacher asks us to put marks which indicate us the rulings, on the photocopied paper from the Mushaf, is this allowed? Answer: The Scholars say that it’s

Women attending women-only gyms

Question: Could you please tell me what is the ruling on women going to a gym under the following conditions: It’s a women’s only gym. All the staff plus the

Leaving her children to another person to give dawah

Question: Is it permissible for women who are fit to give dawah or who are working in an environment according to shariah with permission from their husbands to find a

Avoid using verses of the Quran as profile picture

Question: Is it permissible or appropriate to use verses of the qur’an as profile pictures? Sheikh Waleed Boghdady: You should refrain from this, however you can put a hadeeth of

The Sunnah for the bride in her wedding

Question: Is it Sunnah if the bride beautifies herself on her wedding in front of the people? Also is it a must that we buy dress for marriage even though

Accepting food from unislamic celebrations & congratulating them.

Question: Our kuffar neighbors and colleagues give us food on their holiday periods such as birthdays and christmas. Is it permissible for us to accept it and eat it? My

Getting involved in black lives matter movements

Question: I want to know is it permissible for Muslims to be involved in these “black lives matter” movements to any extent or any other movements that deal with racial

Ruling on being present where there is haraam

Question: I live in a foreign country so my family is apart, we’re all residing in different countries so to be connected I formed a family group on whatsapp, my

To fast or not during easy travel

Question: Is it more beloved to Allah that we don’t fast whilst travelling even if we expect the journey to be easy in shaa Allah? Or is it better to