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When does the traveler stop to shorten and combine prayers

Question: My husband and I just returned from travel. As we still traveled this morning until just now, do we remain on “travel prayer” for the remainder of the day

Sending your child to catholic school

Question: Should a child be removed from a catholic preschool that forces him to pray? The child is educated in the Islamic belief and when they reached the prayer schedule,

The ruling on babies wearing either gold or silver

Question: Are baby boys allowed to wear gold? Am I allowed to put golden bracelets to my baby boy which had been gifted to us? Zaynab El-Kateb: Shaikh Ibn Baz

Children sharing sweets to their classmate in eid

Question: At school the kids always bring with them treats when it’s their birthday to share in class with their fellow classmates. I never celebrated my kid’s birthday as it’s

Forcing a woman to marry

Question: A divorced salafi sister is acting like a mentally ill person as her parents want her to marry a man who doesn’t pray. She refuses to go forward with

A wife sharing bed with her co-wife due to financial problems

Question: If a brother has two wives and he has some financial problems. Can we all live in the same house and share the same bed if we all agree

Shaving baby girl’s hair

Question: Can a baby girl’s head be shaved after her Aqeeqah? She will be around six months or one year old. May Allah reward you with goodness. Zaynab El-Kateb: Shaikh

Dealing With Relatives Who Left Islam

Question: My cousin left Islam and joined Hinduism, do I keep ties with her? If yes, how do I treat her? Shaikh Adil As-Sayyed: You need to try to talk

Ettiquete regarding a wedding invitation

Question: When you have a walimah, is it a must to celebrate it with those you love? If I invite some friends who are upon the methodology of the pious

Zakah on a loan which was not paid back for years

Question: If a loan which we gave was not paid back for many years and the person is either not willing or not in a position to repay do we