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Niqab – covering eyes or not

Question: May Allah reward you with goodness. Is it allowed to leave the eyes open from the niqab if you do not follow the opinion that it is an obligation?

Obeying husband in haram

Question: My husband is part of a business center that has both Muslim and non-Muslim members. They are into drugs, alcohol and every evil. Every year for Ramadan, my husband

Recommended age to start to wear hijab

Question: What would be the recommended age for girls to start wearing headscarves and abayas? It is not easy to get plain black scarves or plain any colour scarves for

Learning how to play the duff for weedings

Question: Is it permissible to learn to play the duff to prepare for a wedding? Also, as per our culture, a couple of days before the wedding we announce the

Do sins prevent us from waking up for Fajr?

Question: I am the one who takes the responsibility to wake up for fajr on time everyday. I also wake my husband up for fajr because he has very profound

Women seeing other women’s awrah

Question: A lady suffers from severe back pain especially after labour. Is it allowed for her to hire a lady to massage her with oils and bathe her? Zaynab El-Kateb:

Permissibility of permanent hair removal

Question: Is permanent hair removal permissible such as laser hair removal? Zaynab El-Kateb: It is permissible to have permanent hair removal. Nevertheless, it cannot be done on parts of the

Can a widow travel with her non-Muslim father-in-law?

Question: Can a widow travel with her non-Muslim father-in-law? Zaynab El-Kateb: Yes. If he is trusted, meaning he knows that he cannot think of a relationship with her and treats

Do zina children relate to the father?

Question: A sister became pregnant from zina, and she got married to the father when she was in her third month of pregnancy. Does the child link to the father

Is exchanging money allowed?

Question: I have heard that the exchange of money for money is Riba. As one is exchanged for more of the other. Please clarify. May Allah bless you. Zaynab El-Kateb: