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​Referring to specialists in worldly issues

Question: What do we say to a person who claims salafiyyah, but says that accepting the “opinion” of the salafi scholars on worldly affairs is blind following, and makes salafiyyah

​Effect of supplication on Destiny

Question: What is the effect of du’a upon the destiny? Zaynab El-Kateb: Dua can change the destiny.  Still, this change is written in the Preserved Tablet (اللوح المحفوظ Al-Lauhul-Mahfud). There

​Giving sadaqah from halal and haram wealth

Question: İf one has a mixture of wealth which is halaal and haraam can they still give charity from it with the intention to please Allah and expecting a reward,

​Fasting Arafah according to Saudia sighting

Question: I want to know if a Muslim were to fast only the day of Arafah, does he do so according to the local moon sighting or according to the

Making dua in sujud

Question: Is there any difference in opinion regarding the permissibility of making dua in Sujud. If so, then is it enough to say subhana rabbiyal a’ala one time or should

Names which are only for Allah

Question: I sometimes come across people with names such as Akbar, Rasool, Abdi and sometimes names of Allah such as Basit, Raheem, Rahman, Rasheed. I am confused whether people can

Ruling on explaining Quran through animation

Question: Can I please get daleel about not describing any Surah through animated explanation? There is a known speaker who does this and have a huge following and unfortunately many