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​Prohibition to sell inside the masjid

Question: I sell something to a sister and we agreed on the price and everything concerning it. She wants me to meet in the masjid so she can get the

​Working as a policeman in bilaad al-kuffaar

Question: Is it allowed to work as a policeman in kuffar countries? May Allah reward you with goodness. Shaykh Adil As-Sayed: It is permitted as long as it doesn’t contradict

​Making Hijrah or taking care of our parents

Question: Is it permissible to reside in the Land of disbelief to take care of elderly sick non-Muslim parents and give them dawah with the intention of making hijrah when

​Hijrah to an oppressed country

Question: I got married a year ago. My husband doesn’t want to work and doesn’t bear the costs of our house. We live at my mother in laws’ and due

​If a Muslim commits a major sin and is not punished, will he be forgiven?

Question: If a Muslim committed a major sin—e.g. murder, zinna, etc—but is not punished under shariah or any law, and later on he repents and becomes a good Muslim, will

​Question regarding a new therapy

Question: I am a family physician (طبيب أسرة) and a Salafi Muslim. I have noticed a trend amongst some Salafis following an unproven health system called the “Gerson Therapy”. I

Usage of marijuana as a medical treatment

Question: I need to know about the usage of Marihuana, when it comes to pain treatment, if regular painkillers are not allowed to take due to negative side effects. I

​Referring to specialists in worldly issues

Question: What do we say to a person who claims salafiyyah, but says that accepting the “opinion” of the salafi scholars on worldly affairs is blind following, and makes salafiyyah

​Effect of supplication on Destiny

Question: What is the effect of du’a upon the destiny? Zaynab El-Kateb: Dua can change the destiny.  Still, this change is written in the Preserved Tablet (اللوح المحفوظ Al-Lauhul-Mahfud). There

​Giving sadaqah from halal and haram wealth

Question: İf one has a mixture of wealth which is halaal and haraam can they still give charity from it with the intention to please Allah and expecting a reward,