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Someone asked a loan for me before I joined Islam

Question: Before I became Muslim I asked a loan for another person. The debt has not been cleared yet. What is my position with regards to this debt? Shall I

Definition of innovation

Question: What is the definition of innovation (bidah) in religion? Zaynab El-Kateb: An innovation is simply doing or saying something which the Prophet, peace be upon him, never did. Innovations

A woman embraced Islam while her husband is a disbeliever.

Question: Is it allowed for a woman who embraces Islam to keep with her disbeliever husband? Shaikh Adel As-Sayyed: Regarding the woman who is married to a disbeliever and who

New Muslims Changing Their Name

Question: Shall a new Muslim change his name? Zaynab El-Kateb: Sheikh Ibn Uthaymeen says that it is not required to change the name except if the name is a special

Making shahadah while being in menses.

Question: A woman wants to make shahada today but she is in menses, as for shahada i think there is no problem to make it while she is in menses