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A woman going to the musallah (in the masjid) in aid while being in menses

Question: Where I live they will pray salah al aid in the masjid and not in an open space as the Sunnah says. I will be in menses and as

The imam prays taraweeh with the Mushaf

Question: What is the ruling on praying as the imaam and reading from a Mushaf especially in Taraweeh for a group of women at home? May Allah reward you with

Arriving at the masjid late for Ishaa in Ramadan

Question: If we arrive late for the Ishaa prayer in the masjid and the Taraweeh prayer has already started, should we pray Isha first or join the imam? Zaynab El-Kateb:

Is Ar Rasheed one of Allah’s names?

Question: Is ar-rasheed one of the names of Allah? Zaynab El-Kateb: This name was taken from a weak or non authentic hadeeth and it has no authentic proof. ri0042

Feeling very ill but continuing to fast

Question: Today I was fasting but I had unbearable leg cramps. Alhamdulillah I was able to complete my fast but still the cramps are severe. Do you know anything that

Playing personality based quizzes.

Question: Lately a lot of quizzes are seen popping up which asks you what herb or flower you like then goes onto tell you about yourself, personality etc upon what

Ruling on how to compensate missed fastings due to breastfeeding or pregnancy

Question: If one couldn’t fast due to delivery, and was unable to fast those before next Ramadan, what is the ruling of making them up and fidya? Please can you

Q&A Regarding Tahajjud – Taraweeh

Question: I have few questions regarding salatul tahajjud please.  Do we need to sleep n wake up to pray tahajjud or it will be considered tahajjud even if we stay

Making up missed fast due to pregnancy

Question: Shall a woman make up her missed fasts due to pregnancy? Or can she feed poor people instead? Zaynab El-Kateb: There is a difference in Scholars’ opinion regarding this,

Falling into despair after committing a sin

Question: I have – absolutely unintentionally – wronged someone and made him suffer a lot due to a sin I have made, and I have feared the punishment of that