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​Praying fajr in loud voice even if the sun has already risen

Question: If you missed salatul-Fajr, when you make up it, can you pray it in a loud voice even if the sun has already risen? (I’m asking this because silent

Reciting Surah al-Fajr in Fajr prayer

Question: I use to recite suratul-Fajr whilst praying salatul-Fajr and suratul-Asr whilst praying salatul-Asr, if I do this always, is it an innovation? May Allah reward you with goodness. Zaynab

​The ruling on meteorological predictions

Question: Is there any prohibition regarding consulting or reading meteorological predictions? is it haraam if you want to know about next heat waves or cold waves? Zaynab El-Kateb: This question

Names which are only for Allah

Question: I sometimes come across people with names such as Akbar, Rasool, Abdi and sometimes names of Allah such as Basit, Raheem, Rahman, Rasheed. I am confused whether people can

Ruling on explaining Quran through animation

Question: Can I please get daleel about not describing any Surah through animated explanation? There is a known speaker who does this and have a huge following and unfortunately many