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Praying In A Room With A Toilet

Question: Is it allowed to pray in a big room where there is a toilet? Zaynab El-Kateb: It is prohibited to pray in a room containing a toilet except if

Does make up his missed prayers the person who was insane?

Question: What is the ruling on the salah of someone who was admitted in the hospital and then was compelled to take psychiatric medication that rendered the person insane? The

A wife has gold, who has to pay her zakah?

Question: If a girl has gold given to her by her husband and dad, shall her husband give zakah on it or shall she sell off the gold and pay

Calculating the nisaab of gold and silver

Question: When calculating zakat on money saved more than one year should the price of gold or silver be used to count the nisaab? Usually the price of gold is

Delaying the Sunnah of Ishaa

Question: May Allah bless you all. I have a question, is it permissible to delay the Sunnah of Isha prayer until tahajjud and pray it then? Also, what is the

The manner of sitting and praying due to illness

Question: The question is for a woman who prays seated because she is sick so she can’t make sujud. Will you please describe to her how to pray? She also

Prayer facing a wrong direction

Question: I prayed some prayers with a wrong qiblah without knowing, but I don’t remember how many prayers I prayed in that manner in order to repeat them. What should

Making a new intention to leave salah

Question: May Allah bless you. When one finishes the tashahhud and duas in sitting position and coming to an end in salah does one need to make the intention to

Repeating ayaat while praying

Question: Can we repeat certain part of ayahs like in “Amana rasoolu” the last part more than once in our prayers Zaynab El-Kateb: The Scholars say that this is proven

When to stop prayers due to labour

Question: At what point does a woman stop praying when going into labour? It is only one sign of labour sufficient, such as regular painful contractions? Umm Abdel-Malik: The woman