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Definition of a traveller

Question: Which is the correct definition of a traveler, the one which says travelling is unlimited in its number of days and depends on the intention of the person or

The ruling on yellowish/brownish spots after blood menses

Question: I have heard that the most a woman could get her menses is 3 days. My menses has always been 4-5 days long. However, on the fourth day the

Does brown discharge, directly before or after menses, affect fasting?

Question: May Allah reward you for your efforts! Ameen. Yesterday I fasted, completed my fast, prayed and ate. At maghrib time I believed that I was still in the state

When is vaginal bleeding considered non-menstrual

Question: Today has made it eight days that I’m menstruating and I know it will continue because I’m still bleeding so much. May I fast tomorrow even if I’m still

Making up missed fasts during short days

Question: Is it allowed to make up my missed days of Ramadan in shortest days? Zaynab El-Kateb: Yes, the Scholars said that Muslims living in countries with very long fasting

Combining one’s intention in fasting

Question: When a person decides to fast a few days with the intention of fasting for Allah’s sake but also to lose weight, is this considered a type of shirk?

Following the adhan for fajr or waiting for the white thread

Question: When do you stop eating suhoor? When the fajr adhan is given or when the white thread appears? In Australia, the adhan is given much earlier than when the

Speaking out the intention to fast

Question: Do we speak out our intention to fast? Is there a special supplication to say before fajr or at Iftar time? Zaynab El-Kateb: As a ruling we do not

To fast or not during easy travel

Question: Is it more beloved to Allah that we don’t fast whilst travelling even if we expect the journey to be easy in shaa Allah? Or is it better to

Supplicating at the time of breaking the fast

Question: What about the claim of supplicating (making duaa) at the time of breaking the fast (iftar)? Is it correct? Zaynab El-Kateb: Shaikh Ibn Al-Uthaymin said that for the fasting