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Making up missed fastings same date we missed them

Question: Does missed fasting have to be done the way it was missed eg one misses 5th day due to menses and 27th day due to sickness so when fasting

Making up invalid fasts if we don’t know how many days we missed

Question: If someone invalidates some of his fasts due to masturbation, but wasn’t aware that such act breaks the fast, and he also doesn’t remember the number of days he

The ruling on making up missed fasts due to pregnancy or breastfeeding

Question: I have been having a lot of difficulty making up my fasts from pregnancy while I am exclusively breastfeeding, and was wondering how long I have to make up

Unable to make up fasts due to ill health

Question: A sister still has some days to make up from last Ramadan but when she tries to fast she gets severely ill and has to break her fast. What

A traveller who isn’t fasting eating before leaving home

Question: In the case of not fasting due to travel, may I start my day eating or I eat only at the time of travelling? Zaynab El-Kateb: Yes, if you

Feeding poors to make up missed fasting if one will be able to fast later on

Question: I have just had a gastric bypass surgery, and in this month of Ramadan do I need to feed a fasting person or a poor person because I am

​The ruling on making up prayers missed intentionally

Question: I missed some Fajr and Isha prayers due to sleep. Also, sometimes I thought I was on my period, so I stopped praying, but later I realized it was