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Question about rites of Hajj

Question: Should one make niyyah (intention) for Ihraam by praying 2 rak’ats ? When you are going to perform Hajj Tamattu , should one say that the first Ihraam is

Performing hajj while fasting Arafah

Question: Regarding the fasting during the first 9 days of dhul hijjah, those who are going for Hajj are they allowed to fast during those days especially on Arafa day

Taking knowledge or making hajj

Question: An individual has the ability to live by the Masjid al-Haraam and perform umrah and hajj but is unable to seek knowledge from the Scholars and students of knowledge,

Building a house or making Hajj

Question: We are constructing a home for ourselves and we are not in debt, but we use our income for the construction. We would like to do Hajj too but

Paying zakah over money which is saved for a specific reason

Question: Do we give zakah on the money kept for medical purposes or for education purpose? Zaynab El-Kateb: Scholars say any saved money if a Hijri Year passed while this

A Menstruating Women Performing Tawaaful Ifaadha

Question: Is it allowed for a menstruating women to perform tawaaful ifaadha as her group is returning to their country before she becomes pure? Zaynab El-Kateb: Sheikh Ibn Uthaymeen’s opinion

Travelling for Umrah without a Mahram

Question: My visa for Makkah and Madina just got approved. My father is currently in Riyadh and will join us in Makkah, in shaa Allah. Is it possible for my

Women traveling without mahram

Question: My mother in law, who is 79 years old and Alhamdulillah in good health, wants to go for Umrah with her sister and her sister’s son in law and