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Women reciting loudly in prayer at home

Question: Are women, to recite the Quran loudly in obligatory prayers when we pray alone at home in the way imam does in the mosque? Zaynab El-Kateb: Yes, women are

Following the adhan for fajr or waiting for the white thread

Question: When do you stop eating suhoor? When the fajr adhan is given or when the white thread appears? In Australia, the adhan is given much earlier than when the

Reasons for a woman to delay her prayer

Question: If the time of maghrib salah comes, and my 2 month old baby starts to cry due to hunger, is it more important for me to pray first and

When will be one accountable for his acts?

Question: A sister is suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder. Of which she looks down upon others (she doesn’t allow anyone to sit on her chair or to touch her clothes.)

Adding some extra money to zakah

Question: If I am unsure how much zakah I should pay is it acceptable to pay extra just to be sure with the intention of any extra being given for

Making up the missed prayers due to istihadha (thinking it was menses)

Question: I did not pray for two days as I assumed I was on my period but then it turned out that it was abnormal bleeding outside of menstruation. How

Where to start the row to pray

Question: When the first row of congregational prayer was full and cannot fill up, then there has to set second row, should it start the second row by stand up

Combining prayers if missed because of work

Question: My husband is a pilot. He travels almost everyday except his day off, that is once a week. If he has got a flight in the night he has

Looking at my sick baby while praying

Question: I am a new mum & my baby has reflux problems and when she’s sleeping/lying down she tends to vomit her milk etc and has a few times gagged,

The ruling regarding wetness from the womb

Question: I just made wudu and straight away prayed my salah, whilst praying my first 4 rakah i felt as if I am wet but i wasn’t. I finished my