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Paying zakah over money which is saved for a specific reason

Question: Do we give zakah on the money kept for medical purposes or for education purpose? Zaynab El-Kateb: Scholars say any saved money if a Hijri Year passed while this

What shall I do if I forgot a rakaah?

Question: What should one do if he forgets one rakaah? Zaynab El-Kateb: If he remembered while still praying or as soon as he finished praying, then he performs this rakaa

A sister giving her zakah to her brother

Question: if you are a woman and your brother is in need, can you give him your money zakah? Zaynab El-Kateb: Zakat should be given to a person who is

Zakah on a loan which was not paid back for years

Question: If a loan which we gave was not paid back for many years and the person is either not willing or not in a position to repay do we

Giving zakah to my drunk father.

Question: My father is borrowing money for installment which includes some amount of interest which will be taken by them before lending the money. After that my father used to

The obligation to pray for someone who has learning disability

Question: My brother-law has a learning disability, he is 28 but he can’t read, count that good and he can’t even tell you his birthday. But he wants to learn

A Menstruating Women Performing Tawaaful Ifaadha

Question: Is it allowed for a menstruating women to perform tawaaful ifaadha as her group is returning to their country before she becomes pure? Zaynab El-Kateb: Sheikh Ibn Uthaymeen’s opinion

Women praying in pants

Question: May Allah protect you. Is it permissible to pray wearing a baggy pants and a long shirt that goes past the knee as some of the women in Asia

Discharge After Making Ghusl For Menses

Question: After my periods and I make ghusl, I get a lot of discharge. When it is time for prayers do I need to wash myself for every prayer? Discharge

Praying Taheyatul masjid in the prohibited times

Question: Is it right that we are not allowed to pray Taheyatul masjid (prayer upon entering the masjid) after Asr? Zaynab El-Kateb: Regarding the times that we are prohibited to