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Making dua in sujud

Question: Is there any difference in opinion regarding the permissibility of making dua in Sujud. If so, then is it enough to say subhana rabbiyal a’ala one time or should

​When shall we pray Istikharah

Question: Is it allowed to perform the prayer of consulting Allah (Istikharah) before doing course? This is so that Allah, The Mighty and Majestic, aids us in completing it due

​Praying before time by mistake

Question: I hope you’re all well in health and iman. Firstly I ask Allah to reward you with goodness for answering the questions, as they are very beneficial. My question

​Night prayers finish after second adhan

Question: Ahsana Allahu alaykum. In Algeria there are two Adhan for the morning prayer. Between the two Adhan there is approximately 20 to 30 mins gap.It is during the second

The ruling on sitting while praying

Question: A friend told me that when praying sitting, we should stand and say the first takbeer and after that  we can sit and pray for the rest of the

​Praying fajr in loud voice even if the sun has already risen

Question: If you missed salatul-Fajr, when you make up it, can you pray it in a loud voice even if the sun has already risen? (I’m asking this because silent

Reciting Surah al-Fajr in Fajr prayer

Question: I use to recite suratul-Fajr whilst praying salatul-Fajr and suratul-Asr whilst praying salatul-Asr, if I do this always, is it an innovation? May Allah reward you with goodness. Zaynab