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The imam prays taraweeh with the Mushaf

Question: What is the ruling on praying as the imaam and reading from a Mushaf especially in Taraweeh for a group of women at home? May Allah reward you with

Arriving at the masjid late for Ishaa in Ramadan

Question: If we arrive late for the Ishaa prayer in the masjid and the Taraweeh prayer has already started, should we pray Isha first or join the imam? Zaynab El-Kateb:

Q&A Regarding Tahajjud – Taraweeh

Question: I have few questions regarding salatul tahajjud please.  Do we need to sleep n wake up to pray tahajjud or it will be considered tahajjud even if we stay

A woman praying with nylon socks

Question: Is it permissible to wear nylon socks to cover feet especially in salah? It’s a bit transparent but it doesn’t reveal the colour of the skin. May Allah reward

My Husband Hides His Islam From His Parents

Question: I am married to a convert to Islam of 9 years. He hides his Islam from his parents and sometimes would miss salah because he is afraid to get

Making dua after Salah

Question: Can we supplicate after salah? Zaynab El-Kateb: The Sunnah is to supplicate during prayer and before final salutations (tasleem). After prayer we recite prescribed remembrances of Allah such as

Differences between men and women’s prayer

Question: May you please clarify if there is a difference in the way men and women pray? There are narrations given to me stating that the women must sit on

Delaying salah without a reason

Question: Is a person allowed to delay a particular prayer for no reason and pray it just in the last minutes? For example, Dhuhr starts at 12:30 pm and ends

The correct manner for the rakaatain after Wudu

Question: My doubts are regarding the two rakaat after performing the ablution. Did Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, pray them whenever he made the ablution, in any time, even

Combining prayers due to sickness

Question: Can a person combine prayers without shortening if she is sick and if she feels her sickness might become worse later on in the night and also because she