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Women praying in pants

Question: May Allah protect you. Is it permissible to pray wearing a baggy pants and a long shirt that goes past the knee as some of the women in Asia

Discharge After Making Ghusl For Menses

Question: After my periods and I make ghusl, I get a lot of discharge. When it is time for prayers do I need to wash myself for every prayer? Discharge

Praying Taheyatul masjid in the prohibited times

Question: Is it right that we are not allowed to pray Taheyatul masjid (prayer upon entering the masjid) after Asr? Zaynab El-Kateb: Regarding the times that we are prohibited to

Permissibility to carry a baby in ruku

Question: Is it allowed for a woman to pray whilst wearing her baby in a baby carrier? May Allah bess you Zaynab El-Kateb: Sheikh Ibn Baz said that you can

Do sins prevent us from waking up for Fajr?

Question: I am the one who takes the responsibility to wake up for fajr on time everyday. I also wake my husband up for fajr because he has very profound

Passing wind/urinating due to sickness while praying

Question: A brother has chronic sickness which causes him to pass wind very often. He makes his wudu just before his prayers. Often during prayers gas builds up in his

Breaking wudu during prayer

Question: During prayer if our ablution (wudu) breaks should we stop our prayer immediately and perform our ablution again or do we continue praying? Zaynab El-Kateb: The Scholars say that

Closing your eyes to pray

Question: I close my eyes while praying because i concentrate better. Does this nullify my prayer? Zaynab El-Kateb: It does not nullify the prayer but this is not the way

Does brown discharge, directly before or after menses, affect fasting?

Question: May Allah reward you for your efforts! Ameen. Yesterday I fasted, completed my fast, prayed and ate. At maghrib time I believed that I was still in the state

Incontinence while praying

Question: A sister has incontinence when she coughs. She is sick with cough and fever. She uses a pad to prevent soiling. Does she have to change her pad if