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Reciting Surah Al-Fatiha behind the imam

Question: What is the ruling on reciting surah fatiha behind the imam in loud prayers? Shaykh Waleed Boghdady: I go by the opinion that one needs to recite Faatihah (behind

The remembrances are to be said after obligatory prayers

Question: I have a question regarding prayer. After I pray the obligatory prayer and I utter my remembrances, should I move to another place for praying Sunnah or voluntary prayer

Following the imam in a mistake while praying & how to perform sujud as sahw

Question: Ukhti Zainab, how shall we act if we are praying behind the imam and he commits a mistake when we are in the sitting position for the last Tashahud

Women reciting loudly in prayers while being alone

Question: Are we allowed to recite the Quran loudly in obligatory prayers when we pray alone at home in the way imam does in the mosque? Zaynab El-Kateb: There is

Out of forgetfulness I prayed knowing there was najasa in my clothes

Question: I was out of the house and needed to relieve myself, in doing so I soiled a small part of my underwear so I resolved to get changed as

Praying Qiyyamul-Layl with ishaa wudhu if one has istihadhah or incontinence

Question: In the summer the time of isha is 11:30 and fajr is like 3:30 in our country. In this period I stay awake till fajr because it is too

Making wudu and praying while having incontinence problems

Question: I pray dhuhr when there is on my 15 mins left before Asr because of my incontinence but before I complete my wudu for dhuhr I already urinate myself,

I overslept so I missed witr and Fajr

Question: I missed the fair and witr prayer two consecutive days and I woke up after sunrise. Shall I pray witr and Fajr as soon as I woke up? Zaynab

Men covering their heads

Question: There is a custom in India, when men pray they put a cap on their heads. In some of the mosques there are extra caps provided for those who

Saying amin after Al-Fatiha in salah

Question: Is it Sunnah to say ameen after reciting Al Fatiha in salat? Zaynab El-Kateb: Yes, it is Sunnah. ri0921