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Praying on clothes with impurity (najasa)

Question: I prayed and after praying I noticed traces of menses blood in my clothes, is my prayer valid? May Allah bless you. Zaynab El-Kateb: Yes, your prayers are valid.

A sister became uncovered while praying

Question: What does a sister do if her neck becomes uncovered when she’s praying but she doesn’t realise it until after completing the salah? Does she repeat the prayer? Zaynab

Women and men pray same way

Question: Does the ruling on standing foot to foot during congregational salah also apply to women? Because I have heard it’s only for men and women only have to have

The ruling on moving after tasleem

Question: When making adhkar after each obligatory prayer, can I move from tashahud and sit comfortable to another place or is it better to stay after tashahud in same position

Praying towards a sutrah

Question: If a man passes in between the sutrah and myself it won’t invalidate my prayer, but shouldn’t we try to stop him by force, not allowing him to cross

Women making Iqamah

Question: If women pray alone at home, can they do the iqamah? Zaynab El-Kateb: No, women do not make the iqamah. The adhan and iqamah are for men. All rulings

When Isha’s time prayer ends

Question: What time are we allowed to pray Isha until? I heard that it is at the middle of the night but is that halfway of before Isha starts until

My children misbehave while I’m praying

Question: Sometimes when I’m praying, my children misbehave and do things they shouldn’t do. Is it allowed for me to snap my fingers or clap to get their attention, or

Repeating Surah Al-Fatiha while praying due to lack of concentration

Question: Sometimes when a sister recites and completes surah al fatiha in prayer she feels like she did not have good concentration so she repeats surah al Fatiha again. Is

When to say “Allahu Akbar” and when to raise hands for it in prayer

Question: After standing up from the first sitting position (ie. tashahhud) in order to perform the third unit of prayer (ie. rakaat) should we say “Allahu Akbar” (ie. takbir) and