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A wife has gold, who has to pay her zakah?

Question: If a girl has gold given to her by her husband and dad, shall her husband give zakah on it or shall she sell off the gold and pay

Calculating the nisaab of gold and silver

Question: When calculating zakat on money saved more than one year should the price of gold or silver be used to count the nisaab? Usually the price of gold is

Giving zakah to institutions instead to giving it directly to needy people

Question: Is it permissible to give zakah money to a school principal so as to give scholarships to poor children to attend the school? The money will go towards a

How to calculate the zakah

Question: When we calculate the zakat we owe on gold, do we make the calculation on the cost price of the gold or it’s selling price (the amount we would

Building houses for poor Muslims with my zakah

Question: I have very poor Muslims in my community who cannot afford to pay rent for their houses. May I construct houses for them from my money I have for

Adding some extra money to zakah

Question: If I am unsure how much zakah I should pay is it acceptable to pay extra just to be sure with the intention of any extra being given for

Savings in two countries, where do I pay zakah?

Question: I have savings upon which I have to pay Zakah. These savings are in two different countries. I heard that the Zakah has to be paid in the same

The nissab of the one who has only money

Question: What is the nisaab for a person that only has money?   Zaynab El-Kateb: The nissab is what is equivalent to 85 grams of gold. So if the price

Whom shall I give zakah to

Question: I live in bilad al-kuffr (disbelievers land) and I want to give charity to the beggars, I would like to give them money but I think that they would

Giving zakat to the one who does not pray

Question: Can we give zakat to a Muslim who does not pray? Zaynab El-Kateb: You can give your zakat money to a person who does not pray, if you think