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Reading Quran changing its words is disbelief

Question: I know people who read the Quran by saying the opposite of what is written in the Quran with the purpose of to laugh, for example while they read

Getting rid of decorations which contain Quran and Allah’s names

Question: We have been gifted some wall decorations and unfortunately, it has verses from Quran, the name of Allah, along with images of the Ka’ba and the mosque of Prophet

Taking a phone with Quran or dua apps to the toilet

Question: What is the ruling on taking your phone with you to the washroom if the phone has Quran apps and dua apps in it? What if someone talks over

Putting Marks or Writing in Quran

Question: My Quran teacher asks us to put marks which indicate us the rulings, on the photocopied paper from the Mushaf, is this allowed? Answer: The Scholars say that it’s

Avoid using verses of the Quran as profile picture

Question: Is it permissible or appropriate to use verses of the qur’an as profile pictures? Sheikh Waleed Boghdady: You should refrain from this, however you can put a hadeeth of

Teaching children Quran through actions

Question: I would like to know if teaching kids small chapters with actions permissible in Islam. Goal is to make the kids have a visual memory and understand the meaning

Playing an audio of the Quran in a new house to avoid jinn

Question: A friend has made a new house but he has not started staying there. She said she keeps playing audio recording of Surah Al-Baqarah (to avert shaytan). I gave

Touching Quran without wudu

Question: Is it allowed for a Muslim to grab Mushaf without having previously done the ablution? What is the ruling on grabbing the translated Quran? What happens when the translation

Ruling on explaining Quran through animation

Question: Can I please get daleel about not describing any Surah through animated explanation? There is a known speaker who does this and have a huge following and unfortunately many