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Kissing the mushaf after accidently dropping it

Question: If one accidentally drops a Mushaf, is it an etiquette to take it and kiss it showing our apologies? This is prevalent in our place, sometimes the Mushaf is

No salafi tajweed teacher in my area

Question: I am learning the arabic language at home from madinah arabic books almost everyday. I can read the Quran a little now but I don’t understand every word but

Hanging verses of the Quran on desks or walls

Question: Is it permissible for the sake of the remembrance of Allah, to stick verses of the Quran in front of my desk in order to help me and remind

Reading Quran without wudu from a mobilephone

Question: Is it allowed to read Quran from a mobile app without wudu? Umm Abdel-Malik: Some Scholars said that having wudu while reading Quran is Sunnah but not obligatory, even

Quran & adhkar are a cure for the heart

Question: I get panic and anxiety attacks every month.  My heart starts beating very fast and I get anxious.  I am regular in my daily azkar. I do the duas

Reciting the Quran together to learn

Question: Is it permissible to recite the Quran with the reciter that one turns on by the Internet? I wanted to ask this because I know that it is not

Advise On How To Memorize Quran

Question: May Allah reward you Jannah and may Allah bless you in everything you do. Can you please advise me about memorising the Quran? Can you teach me a method

Reading Quran without understanding

Question: I know that you should recite the Quran with understanding. But even though I go through the meaning, I fail to connect with the meaning while I recite it.

How can a couple be cured from evil eye or magic

Question: How can we know if someone is afflicted by the evil eye? I know a couple who has been married for years. The husband did not feel love towards

How to protect children from evil eye

Question: If a mother feels that her children have been affected by evil eye, is there any dua specific for it that can be recited besides the Maudhatain and Ayat