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Listening to ruqyah for cure whilst making hijamah

Question: Where I go for wet cupping, the cupper puts on recordings of verses and supplications for cure (ruqya) for me to listen whilst she is performing the cupping. Is

The treatment for magic

Question: There are two questions but related. 1. How do we know whether the marriage/husband/wife is a magic victim? 2. How do we know who did magic on us? Are

Spreading salt to avoid shayatin and magic

Question: May Allah reward you all for your great services and what you have set up here. Hayak Allah. My mother recently took salt and put it in front of

‚ÄčThe correct belief regarding evil eye

Question: I have been noticing for quite some years that when someone is staring at me, I stumble or sometimes even fall. I cannot say that it always happens but