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Advice to a Woman Who Wishes to Be a Student of Knowledge

Question: I would like to know your advice for the Muslimah married and with children who wants to study Islam properly and dreams to be a student of knowledge. Zaynab

Innovations Done After Completing the Quran

Question: May Allah accept our fast and qiyam and forgive us, make it a means to save us from hellfire and a means to enter into His mercy His Paradise,

Saying Bismillah If We Start to Read From the Middle of a Surah

Question: I hope that you and your family are well and may Allaah continue to preserve you all upon goodness and truth ameen. May Allah bless you for allowing us

Learning Tajweed Before Memorizing Quran

Question: Is it compulsory to learn tajweed before we begin memorizing Quran? Zaynab El-Kateb: You need to learn to read the Quran in a correct way. Not necessarily to know

Taking Money for Teaching Quran

Question: Is it permissible to charge for teaching children Quran? Zaynab El-Kateb: There is a difference of Scholars’ opinion regarding this. Shaikh Khaled Abder-Rahman said that the strongest opinion is

Memorizing the Quran Without Understanding Its Meanings

Question: What is the ruling on memorizing Quran without understanding, i.e. without understanding the Arabic or knowing the basic tafseer of the ayaat? Zaynab El-Kateb: Memorizing Quran without understanding the

Memorizing Quran Understanding Its Meanings

Question: Is it more important to learn how to properly recite a few chapters of Quran or to memorize as many chapters as possible? Many people have memorized a lot

Reviewing My Hifdh While Praying

Question: Sometimes while I’m praying I use to review my hifdh (memorization) and I commit mistakes which might change the meaning, other times I omit mistakenly a part of an

Putting Marks or Writing in Quran

Question: My Quran teacher asks us to put marks which indicate us the rulings, on the photocopied paper from the Mushaf, is this allowed? Answer: The Scholars say that it’s

How to Help Children to Memorize Quran

Question: What is the best method to help children memorize the Quran? For the children’s hifdh: The child sits with the mother and reads the surah with her twice or