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How to Make Ghusl

The ghusl of the one who has a wound due to a surgery

Question: My sister is presently undergoing dialysis her surgery was done under the left ear that area is injected and plastered. Now she is in her periods how can she

Having intercourse before making ghusl of menses

Question: When woman is at the end of her menstruation and she is clear but still hasn’t taken ghusl, is she allowed to have intercourse with her husband? Or shall

Discharge After Making Ghusl For Menses

Question: After my periods and I make ghusl, I get a lot of discharge. When it is time for prayers do I need to wash myself for every prayer? Discharge

Putting misk before menses ghusl

Question: I have a question regarding the following hadeeth – Narrated `Aisha: An Ansari woman asked the Prophet, peace be upon him, how to take a bath after finishing from

Having a discharge from your husband after ghusl

Question: A sister makes ghusl after intercourse, but some time after this she notices a discharge from her that is from her husband. Is it sufficient that she cleans the

The correct way to make ghusl

Question: When I make ghusl, I first make an intention of purifying my self for janabah or haydh. Then I clean my private parts. After that I make wudhu. Then

When should I make ghusl after menses?

Question: My menstrual cycle have changed. Before, it used to last for 5 o 6 days. Now, in the 4th day the bleeding stops and I start bleeding again in

Making wudu or ghusl while having a layer on the hair

Question: I made wudu and I didn’t remember that I had hair pomade in my hair and I put it up, so I performed all prayers of that day with

Making ghusl after menses while working

Question: If I become pure from my menses after sunrise and before noon and I can not make ghusl because I am working at that time, what should I do?