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Having a discharge from your husband after ghusl

Question: A sister makes ghusl after intercourse, but some time after this she notices a discharge from her that is from her husband. Is it sufficient that she cleans the

Making wudu with makeup

Question: If you had wudhu before applying make up (foundation and mascara) and then you break your wudhu, when you make wudhu again is it enough to wash over the

The correct way to make ghusl

Question: When I make ghusl, I first make an intention of purifying my self for janabah or haydh. Then I clean my private parts. After that I make wudhu. Then

When should I make ghusl after menses?

Question: My menstrual cycle have changed. Before, it used to last for 5 o 6 days. Now, in the 4th day the bleeding stops and I start bleeding again in

The two opinions concerning the length of postpartum bleeding

Question: I had my baby 39 days ago and my nifas has not ended yet. Sometimes it looks as though it’s finished so I perform the ritual purification bath and

Making wudu while having sinusitis

Question: Noble brothers may Allaah reward you. A brother and myself after we make wudu suffer from a kind of allergy in the nose, which causes us have constant nasal

Hennah and kuhl don’t affect wudu

Question: Assalamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh. Jazaki Allahu khair for taking the time to answer our questions. If I use eyeliner which is waterproof and later want to renew

Making wudu while having traces of superglue in the fingers

Question: Some superglue got stuck on my hand and got stuck on to my fingers and nails. I tried removing it but some bits were still stuck on my hand.

Does touching private parts break wudu?

Question: I understand that wudu is invalidated if you touch your private parts. Is this also applicable when after a bath one applies some cream or oil on the buttocks?

Conditions for hair coloring

Question: I have a doubt regarding hair coloring. Can I know the ruling regarding this? Does highlighting/coloring streaks on hair only on the end portion permissible? Keeping in mind that