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Making ghusl after menses while working

Question: If I become pure from my menses after sunrise and before noon and I can not make ghusl because I am working at that time, what should I do?

How long shall a woman wait after menses to make ghusl

Question: May Allah bless you with good, amin When our menses finishes for the month is there any proof that states that we have to wait for a couple of

The ruling regarding wetness from the womb

Question: I just made wudu and straight away prayed my salah, whilst praying my first 4 rakah i felt as if I am wet but i wasn’t. I finished my

White discharge of the womb doesn’t break wudu

Question: Does the White discharge (leucorrhea) break a woman’s wudu? And does she need to wash the clothes which get contaminated with the discharge? May Allah reward you with goodness.

Womb discharge doesn’t break wudu

Question: “Tuhr” is also translated/considered as discharge, right? This is the transparent white/sometimes thick odorless discharge from a woman which for some discharges regularly with/without being on menses. If you

Finding impurity on oneself or clothing after prayer

Question: If one washes himself after using the toilet (istinjaa’) but then notices traces of feces on one’s underwear after praying. Should one re-do the prayer? Zaynab El-Kateb: The Scholars

Excessive washing after using the washroom

Question: I spend a lot of time washing after passing urine, waiting for the wadhi to come so I can become clean. Nonetheless, this excessive washing has greatly damaged my

​When should I make ghusl after menses?

Question: My menstrual cycle has changed. Before, it used to last for 5 o 6 days. Now, in the 4th day the bleeding stops  and I start bleeding again in

​Making ghusl of janaaba together with menses ghusl

Question: Ahsana Allahu ilaykum. A couple of days ago I intimated with my husband and after that I saw the beginning of my menses. So I made ghusl for janaaba

​Being sure that gases pass out even while one is not praying

Question: May Allah bless you. I read that If someone feels like passing of gas, while praying, it doesn’t break the wudhu if sound or smell doesn’t come. Does this