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What is considered menses.

Question: Kindly help me with my doubt. If periods last for more than ten days and after the first 3 or 4 days it’s only mild spotting like reddish discharge

Q&a regarding prayer and purification

Questions: Is blood from a wound considered najasa and if emitted, is it a major breach of purification? Is it necessary for the Adhan and Iqama to be said before

Difference between maniy (Semen) and womb’s discharge

Question: My question is how to differentiate between Maniy (semen) and wombs discharge? Zaynab El-Kateb: Maniyy of woman is usually thin and yellowish (but sometimes it is white for some

Praying on clothes with impurity (najasa)

Question: I prayed and after praying I noticed traces of menses blood in my clothes, is my prayer valid? May Allah bless you. Zaynab El-Kateb: Yes, your prayers are valid.

Does having braids or hair dye with ammonia affect wudhu?

Question: Is it halal to use a hair dye that contains ammonia because I heard it doesn’t let water reach the hair (not sure of scalp) so it would then

I’m not able to reach my feet in wudu

Question: I have a problem in my back which many times causes me not to be able to bow, so i’m not able to touch my feet while making wudu.

Making wudu while having a layer on the hair

Question: I made wudu and I didn’t remember that I had hair pomade in my hair and I put it up, so I performed all prayers of that day with

Making ghusl after menses while working

Question: If I become pure from my menses after sunrise and before noon and I can not make ghusl because I am working at that time, what should I do?

How long shall a woman wait after menses to make ghusl

Question: May Allah bless you with good, amin When our menses finishes for the month is there any proof that states that we have to wait for a couple of

The ruling regarding wetness from the womb

Question: I just made wudu and straight away prayed my salah, whilst praying my first 4 rakah i felt as if I am wet but i wasn’t. I finished my