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Womb discharge doesn’t break wudu

Question: “Tuhr” is also translated/considered as discharge, right? This is the transparent white/sometimes thick odorless discharge from a woman which for some discharges regularly with/without being on menses. If you

Finding impurity on oneself or clothing after prayer

Question: If one washes himself after using the toilet (istinjaa’) but then notices traces of feces on one’s underwear after praying. Should one re-do the prayer? Zaynab El-Kateb: The Scholars

​Being sure that gases pass out even while one is not praying

Question: May Allah bless you. I read that If someone feels like passing of gas, while praying, it doesn’t break the wudhu if sound or smell doesn’t come. Does this

​Having doubts regarding wudu while praying

Question: What should do a person when he starts to have doubts as to whether he has wudu or not while praying? Zaynab El-Kateb: In case of wudu you act

​Doubts while making wudu

Question: If a person is in doubt if he had washed his left hand during ablution when he was wiping the head, does he repeat the whole wudhu once more?

Making wudu and praying with makeup

Question: Is it allowed to perform wudu wearing makeup which is not water-resistant or should we remove it before? Is it allowed to pray wearing makeup? Zaynab El-Kateb: If you

​Passing hands over ponytail during wudu

Question: Is my ablution correct when passing my wet hand on my head my hair is all up in a pony tail? Do I need to leave my hair loose

Removing earrings for wudu

Question: Do we require to remove earrings or ear studs before ghusl or wudhu to ensure water pass through the ear piercing (hole) or to ensure water touch the ear

Touching Quran without wudu

Question: Is it allowed for a Muslim to grab Mushaf without having previously done the ablution? What is the ruling on grabbing the translated Quran? What happens when the translation

​Talking while making wudu

Question: Can we talk whilst making wudu? Zaynab El-Kateb: Yes, you can talk if needed. Sheikh Ibn Uthaymeen said although it is allowed, it is better not to talk during