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Breastfeeding a baby beyond 2 years of age

Question: HafidhakumuAllaah, is it permissible to continue to breastfeed children after they pass two years of age? baarakaAllaahu feekum Umm Tasneem: As for breastfeeding children more than two years old

Discharge After Making Ghusl For Menses

Question: After my periods and I make ghusl, I get a lot of discharge. When it is time for prayers do I need to wash myself for every prayer? Discharge

My baby suckles the whole night

Question: I’m breastfeeding my son who is going to turn two years old this Rajab, in sha Allah. But it gets very tiring during the night as he wants to

The ruling on making up missed fasts due to pregnancy or breastfeeding

Question: I have been having a lot of difficulty making up my fasts from pregnancy while I am exclusively breastfeeding, and was wondering how long I have to make up