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Wearing Heels only in a private gathering

Question: What is the ruling on wearing heels to a wedding if they are shown (not deceitful regarding height) for short period of time? They would not be worn on

Women riding bicycle

Question: Is it permissible for women to ride bicycle and also motorcycle? I am asking this because here in Maldives some salafi sisters go to some places using that. They

I wear niqab and my parents force me to go to school

Question: I canceled my school this year, out of fearing a fitna, and I am a young girl who started to practice my deen for not a long time ago,

Women covering their feet

Question: Is it allowed for women to go out without socks when they are wearing shoes that show the top of their feet and their skirt or garment doesn’t cover

Removing hijab outdoors out of fear

Question: Is a sister allowed to remove her head-covering temporarily when outdoors if she feels she is in danger of physical harm? May Allah reward you with goodness. Umm Abdel-Malik:

My husband wants me to remove my niqab

Question: A sister has been wearing niqab for over 10 years and holds it to be obligatory. Her husband is not of that opinion and now wishes her to remove

Unveiling in front of stepfather’s male relatives

Question: A sister just married a brother and she has a daughter from her previous marriage. She asks if her daughter can unveil in front of the new husband’s father

Wearing coloured or embroidered abayas

Question: What is the ruling on wearing coloured and embroidered abayas? Should the abayas start from the head instead of the shoulder? This type of head abaya is not common

White Wedding Dress

Question: Is it allowed to wear in my wedding, a white wedding dress like women wear in bilad al-kuffr? There won’t be men in my walimah. Zaynab El-Kateb: Yes, Scholars

Which type of clothes can we donate

Question: A sister has returned to Allahu taala and her non-Muslim family wants to give her clothes to the masjid. Is it better to sell them very cheaply (flea market