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A woman being sterilized

Question: A 40 years old lady who has 8 children wants to know if it is allowed in Islaam to go for sterilization? Zaynab El-Kateb: Sterilization is allowed only in

Women wearing trousers in front of their husbands

Question: I want to know if it’s permissible for me to wear pants at home for my husband. A friend of mine said I can not wear pants, not even

Breastfeeding a baby beyond 2 years of age

Question: HafidhakumuAllaah, is it permissible to continue to breastfeed children after they pass two years of age? baarakaAllaahu feekum Umm Tasneem: As for breastfeeding children more than two years old

Ruling on removing the hair of the face

Question: I have read two definitions of the prohibited action of an-Nams: It is prohibited to remove hair from the eyebrows only, and it is permitted to remove hair from

The ruling on wearing mascara

Question: What is the ruling on wearing mascara? A sister asked if it is a form of deceit because it makes the lashes appear fuller or longer than they really

Growing eyelashes and lightening the skin for your husband

Question: Can a woman grow her eyelashes by way of using oils etc for that or does it come under changing the creation of Allah? And can a woman use

Contraceptives and IUD

Question: A lady has her menstrual bleeding for nearly 15 days as she is wearing an IUD for contraception. Otherwise her normal period is only for 6 or 7 days.

Adorning sisters who may not cover themselves with henna

Question: I have read that it is permissible for a woman to adorn herself with henna. However, is it permissible to apply henna on other sisters’ hands and feet? Usually

Putting on lipstick which contains alcohol

Question: Some makeup products like lipsticks may contain alcohol denat or ethyl alcohol or alcohol dissolved in fragrance . Is it halal to use such products? Shaikh Hassan Al-Banna: It

Touching Quran without ablution

Question: Is it allowed for a Muslim to grab the Mushaf without previously doing ablution? What is the ruling on grabbing the translated Quran? What happens when the translation has