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My daughter attends a Muslim school. The headteacher is not upon the Sunnah. I have had to ask for my daughter not to participate in various activities which are impermissible in Islam and that were a part of the lessons. Although the headteacher respectively took my daughter out of the lesson she has told me her stance is that children should be exposed to the lesser kufr and not major because of the society which they are in which is lands of disbelievers. Is it upon me to withdraw my child from such a school that upholds this belief?
May Allah reward you with goodness.

Zaynab El-Kateb:

We are commanded as parents to protect our children from any wrong Aqeedah (belief) and from any acts of disobedience.
My advice to you if you can withdraw your daughter from this environment then yes, do it. You can try to find another proper school or if possible homeschooling her.
The schools these days have a very dangerous effect on our children. May Allah give us a way out of this.



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