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I have to take my son for a dental appointment about 1 hr away from my house. I have to go before asr prayer starts and will have to stay there till maghrib. There is no room in the clinic for me to pray or any masjid for women nearby. Is it permissible  for me to combine the prayers (duhr – asr before going and  maghrib-isha after coming) or better to pray sitting in the car at the time of prayer.

Zayneb El-Kateb:

Why don’t you pray in the waiting reception at the clinic?

If the case is that it is impossible to find a place to pray. Then according to a Fatwa of Shaikh Ibn Al-Uthaymeen you can combine dhuhr with asr and maghrib with ishaa


I will be going to the clinic after duhr but before Asr. In this case can I combine Asr with duhr and start from home. I will be back after magrib. There is no segregation here in the reception rooms of clinics and that too with so many cartoon pictures on walls.


You can pray in a place with cartoon pictures on the wall, this is not reason for not praying on time. So if there is really no way you can pray then in this case according to fatwa of Sheikh Ibn Uthaymeen if the prayer can be combined to the following prayer (Duhr to Asr and Maghrib to Ishaa) then you take the intention of combining the missed prayer to the coming prayer.



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