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I am a sister living in Belgium with two children. Due to us not having a Salafi school most of the Salafi parents put their children in schools of disbelievers even though a few of them get to put their children in the few Islamic schools of people of innovation that are here. Is it allowed to rent a dawah center of the Ikwhaan al-Muslimeen in the mornings in order to put up a Salafi school? Please bear in mind that I won’t work with them. I would only rent the place in the mornings and only do this because I do not have enough money to rent my own place.

Zaynab El-Kateb:

It is permissible to deal or cooperate with people of innovation like Ikhwan Al-Muslimin if this has no relation with Religion or with dawah.
In this case, it will negatively impact the dawah. How come the same place is Salafi in the morning and is place of innovation in the evening? Truth and falsehood do not combine. This will deceive people and there will be no credibility.
My advice is not to cooperate with Ikhwan Al-Muslimeen, try to gather yourselves, and make a homeschooling project to overcome this situation. I ask Allah to aid you and facilitate it for you.



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