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I have a family member who plays evil music out loud in the house. The mother cannot do anything because the kid listens to no-one. I have suffered every morning and sometimes evenings because I had to sit in hidden closet just not to hear such music with bad words. The kid does this to make me angry. He knows I hate music so he plays it louder and louder. He does not pray etc.
If I play the Qur’an while cleaning the house, he gets very angry and starts fighting, asking me to shut it off. So my mother asks me to close it. I make duaa to Allaah to punish him for the hardship he causes me.
Is this wrong to make duaa against the person if I feel oppressed?

Zaynab El-Kateb:

In these circumstances, we do not make dua to Allah to punish the person. You should always ask Allah to guide him, knowing that his heart is in Allah’s Hand. Try to gain his love and try to reach his heart using various means. Make dua and buy him a present offering him to open a new page. Start saying good and kind words to him. Do not ever underestimate the effect of tenderness and kind words.



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