Eating  Meat From Jews and Christians

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I know we can eat the meat from The People of The Book (Christians and Jews), but people have called this country (US) “Christian” and said everyone is of The Book here because America is a Christian country.
But this is not true. They are majority Christian but they are not Christian ruled. Therefore there is not “by The Book” treatment of animals, which results in widespread animal cruelty.
If Christians aren’t raising and slaughtering animals “by The Book,” can we still eat from them as “People of The Book”?

Zaynab El-Kateb:

Allah allowed Muslims to eat from the food of Ahl Al Kitab. The Scholars allowed us to eat the food in Europe and USA with the condition that it is slaughtered according to shariaa (Islamic Legislation). If it is shocked by electricity, then it is prohibited. It has to be muzakah, meaning to be slaughtered and the blood shedded; The blood should not be left  in it. If this is the case then you say “bismillah” and eat.



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