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I have – absolutely unintentionally – wronged someone and made him suffer a lot due to a sin I have made, and I have feared the punishment of that sin to an extent that I was almost expecting a punishment to fall upon me anytime! I have repented from it and left all what is related to it and asked that person to forgive me and made the greatest of oaths but he refused and accused me to be a liar and other bad horrible things, and due to this I can’t contact this person anymore.
Please advise me,I’m in a very miserable condition.

Zaynab El-Kateb:

Don’t feel this extreme sadness, because if you know now that Allah guided you to repentance and to ask this person to forgive you then this means that Allah willed goodness for you. All of us commit sins, according to the hadith:

كل بني آدم خطاء وخير الخطائين التوابون
Every single son of Adam continually errs (sins), while the best of those who continually sin are those who continually repent.

So even if the person don’t forgive you, Allah will forgive you if your repentance is sincere, and we ask Allah to compensate that person you hurted, and to make him or her to forgive you.
If you fill the conditions of tawbah like sincere regret, having the firm intention not to repeat the sin and returning the people’s property and rights to them, Allah will accept your tawbah and punishment will be left.
So do not take it the way you took it, rather you need to put your hope in Allah, to remember that He is The All-Forgiving, do not be depressed because this is what Shaytan likes, do not despair.



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