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Would you please tell me that what’s the advice of the kibaar ulema regarding those whatsapp group of females which are run by a male admin? The male admin claims that he maintains the shara’i rulings that refrain from any extra talk etc then making this excuse of his. May Allah bless you and reward you with goodness.

Shaikh Waleed Boghdady:

The Scholars warn from any mixed groups in WhatsApp (or in any other messaging app). There is a warning from all the Scholars regarding this, because this is a door for fitnah. The only situation where it is allowed is when a Scholar puts beneficial articles or is teaching, then the women can be in this group to benefit from these articles. Otherwise it is not allowed.
If the situation is as it has been mentioned in the question, then this man is opening a big door for fitnah, because the admin of a female group should be a sister. For example, if he wants to advise any of the female members of the group regarding any wrong thing she posted, for example a weak hadith, he will need to talk to her privately. He is obviously opening a door to fitnah and violating the rules, so he has to remove himself immediately and if he does not do this, you have to leave this group.



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