Fideyyah is not for missed fastings due to menses

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I am pregnant. Last year I didn’t fast 7 days due to menstruation. Now I couldn’t fast those missed days due to my pregnancy. I read a fatwa of Shaykh Ali Ferkous saying that fidya is enough. Also I have some missed fast which I didn’t fast before practicing Islam. If I calculate those fasting it would be merely 80 to 90 days totally. Is fidya enough for those days or should I fast after I stopped breastfeeding? Jazaakillaahu khayra

Zaynab El-Kateb:

Sheikh Ferkous meant fidyya is enough in case of not fasting due to pregnancy and breastfeeding. But in case of menses it is obligatory that you fast the missed days and you need to make tawbah and Istighfar for delaying this.
So, yes you start compensating once you are capable of fasting.



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