Giving zakah to my drunk father.

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My father is borrowing money for installment which includes some amount of interest which will be taken by them before lending the money. After that my father used to pay the money daily for a period of 3 months after paying the entire money he used to take another amount and do pay it In the same manner. I told him it is haram but he is not leaving this and he is negligent about this. I ll be coming and staying with my parents for some days or month and then I ll return to my in laws home. During the stay I have to eat with what my father is giving. Is it permissible for me to stay there?

And also I know my father is not having enough money to manage the family and the expenses for my two brothers education. And he uses to drink alcohol. I am worrying about my family, and I am fearing that if I give money to him surely he will use some of it to buy those drinks. In this case shall I give the zakah money for the gold I posses to my father rather giving it to others or else I should give some gold to my father to sell and ask him to take the money?
May Allah reward you with goodness for the kind read and may He bless you.

Sheikh Adel As-Sayyed:

If you can afford to be independent in your spending and not use your father money then do it, but if you depend on him then you can eat from his money. As for Zakah, do not give the money to your father, you can pay the expenses of your brothers directly.



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