Holding Firm And Trials of the Heart

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I am a 19 year old teenager . I try to pray all obligatory prayers daily, read Quran daily ,read beneficial books, but the problem is that I have a weak heart. My heart doesn’t have strength. When I see some people criticizing Islam, Quran, Prophet, though I know what they speaking is Falsehood and sheer untrue, but those doubts just stick to my heart and it becomes difficult to have tranquility after then (because of those doubts). Also When I see some people leaving Islam, becoming apostates, my heart becomes anxious, worried as to why they did it and why are they revolting against Islam. In my head, I keep asking myself these questions.

Also Another problem which I face on a daily basis is due to my excessive desires . It just becomes too difficult to control myself sometimes.
Please advice me on how should I correct my situation and rectify myself, how to get that Yaqeen and Sukoon plus overcoming these 2 diseases.
May Allah reward you with goodness.

Umm Abdel-Malik:

Making Dua is from the most important reasons to be steadfast upon the Sunnah and following the path of righteousness. She must always make Dua to be steadfast upon the truth. And she must stay away completely from those who put uncertainty in the religion or those who put doubts. Alongside this, she must shield herself with beneficial knowledge and accompanying righteous people.



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