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After Aid prayer, how did the salaf spend the Aid day? What sort of activities did they use to do, men, women and children? May Allah bless you wa ahsanallaahu ilaiki.

Zaynab El-Kateb:

Men should say Allahu Akbar in a loud voice, and women whispers with it.- The Prophet, peace be upon him, made ghusl, and he dressed in his best, and he would eat dates before he goes out to the Musalla.- Muslims do not congratulate each other before day of Aid, they congratulate each other after Aid prayer and they say: ‘May Allah accept from us and from you’. (Taqabalallahu minna wa minkum). Shaikh Al-Fawzan said that the Salaf never congratulated each other before Aid prayer, so it is from the Sunnah to do that after Aid prayer. However, congratulations before Aid, are not prohibited, the Scholars said this is a social thing, it is not meant to be worship.

The Sunnah on Aid day is that all Muslims go to the musalla, it is a big musalla in the open air, and they gather and get to know each other and spend time with each other. This Sunnah disappeared because Muslims are scattered in various mosques.

It is from the Sunnah to make children happy, by buying them new clothes, and by trying to give them any treats to please them. In Aid women and girls can sing with the “Duff” (it is a one sided layer of a drum), so they can gather and celebrate.

This is what I know, as for worship Sunnah:- you start to say Allahu Akbar after sunset, the Aid night till Aid prayers, you say it also on your way to the mosque.

Note: It’s important to highlight the fact that gifting in that day should be done in a spontaneous way and not like an obligation.



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