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How should we deal with the one who makes his apostasy in public (in a non Muslim land)? What is the correct way to advise this person, should we need to still advice him or should we leave him in order to protect the deen of the rest of the Muslims, having in mind that he received advices a lot of times before he apostatized? If this person makes tawbah and he return to Islam, how should it be the treatment by the Muslims who are close to him (should they be cautious)? May Allah bless you.

Shaikh Waleed Boghdady:

First try to make him sit with a person or student of knowledge in order to clear any doubts in his mind. This is very important, then if he still refuses, you abandon him. If he makes tawbah and returns back to Islam, then you have to treat him in a very good way and you have to be close to him and you have to encourage him and treat him normally. No need to be cautious about him once he announces his tawbah.



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