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I got married and my husband divorced me while I was on my menses. I kept my iddah and some time after I completed my iddah he married me again. Some time after our second marriage contract he divorced me again, whilst I again was on my menses. Now three menses have passed (including the one I was on when he divorced me). As far as I know it’s not allowed to divorce your wife while she is on her menses. Am I still married? May Allah bless you.

Zaynab El-Kateb:

The fatwa of Shaikh Adel As-Sayyed regarding this issue is that the divorce that occurs while the wife is on her menses, does not take place, it’s not valid. (Although there is a difference of opinion between the Scholars saying that the divorce is valid). Shaikh Adel As-Sayyed is of the opinion that this divorce is not valid. Neither was the first divorce, nor the second one and she is still married to him. All that is required is that her husband takes her back.



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