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I am married to a convert to Islam of 9 years. He hides his Islam from his parents and sometimes would miss salah because he is afraid to get up and pray. He is scared to pray in front of his dad whom he works with, so if salah comes and he is with his dad he will miss it. He does not tell anyone that he is a Muslim. I told him about the danger of missing salah and pleasing the creation before the Creator but he has not change. What would you advise me to do?

Shaikh Hassan Al-Banna:

This is not allowed, and it’s obligatory to announce his Islam and to inform his family about (the fact that he became Muslim) and he has to pray all prayers at their times and if his father fires him from his work, never mind, (Allah will provide for him and He will suffice him) but he is not allowed to delay his obligatory prayers, he has to announce his Islam.



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