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How can I identify a person of Knowledge or a Scholar? How can we know who to take knowledge from these days?

Zaynab El-Kateb:

The true Scholars are known, Alhamdulillah. It is like a chain or as in Quran Ijaza, we say sanad. We know that the scholars who followed the Sunnah in the past 100 years were Shaikh Ibrahim Al-AlSheikh, Shaikh Abdullah Al-Qarawy, Shaikh Abdur-Rahman ibn Nassir As-Saadi, Hafiz Al Hakmi, etc.; These Scholars, in turn, made tazkiyyah to their students Ibn Baz, Ibn Uthaymeen, Muhammad Amin Ash-Shanqitee, Salih Al- Luhaidan, etc. Then, these Scholars made tazkiyyah for their students: Rabee Al-Madkhali, Al-Fawzan, Al-Alsheikh, As Suhaimi, etc (in addition of course to the tazkiyyah given to Scholars in Yemen, Egypt, Morocco as Taqiy Hilaly and others).
Then these Scholars made tazkiyyah to the next generation: Abder-Razzaq Albadr, Sulaiman Ar-Ruhailee, Ramzan Al-Hajiree, Abdullah Al-Bukhari (in addition to Scholars in other countries).

Now you need to search for the students of knowledge who studied with the scholars of this generation, and are known for their correct Aqeedah and Manhaj (methodology).



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